Baby Orangutan Was Rescued and Released After 8 Years

Baby Orangutan Was Rescued and Released After 8 Years

It takes a lot of knowledge and dedication to raise an exotic pet. It is different than raising a dog or a cat, as they have special needs that must be cared for, and it isn't always easy to get the care they need.

That was the case for one little orangutan that was rescued as a baby. His name is Budi, and after being rescued, he had a long way to go.

They eventually wanted to release Budi into the wild, but they knew that he would have to be prepared in advance.

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The first stop was a veterinary team. He had to get into a nutritional regimen so he could begin to recover. Budi was suffering from severe malnutrition.

Once the little orangutan was able to get the proper food in him, his journey to recovery began. He still had a long way to go, and they were willing to give him the assistance he needed.

Starting with Therapy

Within a few weeks, Budi began his physiotherapy. He needed to gain some strength so that he could live on his own, and they were amazed when he finally got the strength to hold onto their fingers.

Some of the video clips of Budi going through physiotherapy are adorable. It shows him holding onto their fingers and starting with a classic baby walk.

This takes a lot of time because they need to build up his strength on the outside but they also need to make sure that he is strong on the inside as well.

 width= Photos: YouTube / The Dodo

After some physiotherapy and getting the right nutrition, it was time for him to go to baby school. This is where Budi would begin interacting with the other small orangutans.

You can consider baby school to be similar to elementary school. You are just learning to interact with the other children, but eventually, you move on.

Graduating to Forest School

His next stop was Forest School, and that is where he started learning more about being an orangutan. At first, orangutans in his situation will spend a lot of time on the ground, but as he grew stronger and bigger, they wanted him to spend time in the treetops.

It took about four or five years for him to go through the entire program and graduate. Eventually, they were able to release him into the jungle where he belongs, and he is doing well.

After being in the wild with five females for eight weeks, Budi is thriving. His trackers keep a close eye on him and report that he is happy and may soon become a father.

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