This Fur Mom’s Love Is On Another Level as She Throws a Special Baby Shower for Her Dog

This Fur Mom’s Love Is On Another Level as She Throws a Special Baby Shower for Her Dog

A dog’s life is worth the celebration, especially when they have been your best bud for a long time. Give back the joy your dog has been spreading in your household — express extra appreciation once in a while. Nowadays, pet parents have various ways of making their pups feel special on an important day. It doesn’t matter if the day is celebrated with a big or small party — your priority is what could make them feel happy.

For instance, a birthday party for your dog doesn’t have to be extravagant and likened to how humans celebrate it. Sometimes a cake and their favorite treats are already enough to commemorate the day. Other people would organize a party in their backyard and let their dogs have fun with invited canines. Aside from birthday parties, a doggie baby shower is now a thing with pet parents. It’s a particular day when the expectant fur momma is pampered and treated like a queen days before labor. The baby shower is a momentous day to celebrate the dog’s milestone and the upcoming birth of her puppies.

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Pet parents have been sharing their versions of baby showers on the internet. All those videos are so adorable and heartwarming — it’s like a day when the mommy dog gets cheered for the special day. She is given massages and gifts, and her favorite food is served. You can take a glimpse of the ceremony by watching an Instagram reel that has been going viral for days. The video was posted by Sujatha Bharathi and has already gained 5.6 million views, 381k likes, and 2k comments. Sujatha showed how she and her lovely Beagle spent time together during the baby shower.

The fur momma adorned the future mom with a chunni, a flower garland on her neck, and a tilak on her forehead. There were also treats and dog food available at the baby shower. To make the celebration even more heartwarming, the leftover food served at the ceremony was given to stray dogs. Apparently, Sujatha has been helping stray dogs by providing them with food that is all homemade. She also shares recipes that your dog might enjoy. You can find those recipes on her Instagram — Sujatha's feed tells how much of a dog lover she is. She also creates content for Youtube, where you can watch the full video of her Beagle's lovely baby shower.

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