Many Thought This Dog Was a Monster, But Now He Is an Angel

Many Thought This Dog Was a Monster, But Now He Is an Angel

It is not out of the ordinary for dogs in Bali to find themselves living on the streets. Unfortunately, there are also many animals that are mistreated, even though they may have a home.

That was the case with a dog they named Bobby. The dog was living with a family with many cats and dogs in Bali, and he was not being taken care of properly.

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When the rescuers came to inspect and investigate, they found Bobby malnourished and exhausted. They don't know how long he was in that type of situation, but they realized they had to do something about it.

When they rescued Bobby, one of the first things they did was give him something to eat. It's heartwarming and sad to see him eating food like he never had a meal before in his life.

Another problem that Bobby had was his skin, which was never cared for. He didn't have any hair left on his body except for a little on his tail.

Rather than having hair on his body, there were thick scales that covered him from head to toe. He would need a lot of help to get back to ship shape again.

 width= Photo: YouTube / Pets in Love

Many people wouldn't come near him because they thought he was a monster. The amazing thing is, however, it only took one week for him to find a rescuer.

A kind girl came into the rescue center, and she knew that Bobby was the dog for her. She took him home and gave him all of the TLC he needed.

Thanks to having a kind owner, Bobby is now living the life he needs. He gradually recovered, and the scales fell off his skin, allowing his skin and hair to regenerate.

Bobby also was given a new name, LadyBird!

Three months after being treated, LadyBird was looking fantastic. Now he is a beautiful dog on the inside and the outside, full of love and happiness.

You can see more in this video:

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