Couple Raises Over $260k For Elderly Domino's Driver Who Fell While Delivering Their Pizza

Couple Raises Over $260k For Elderly Domino's Driver Who Fell While Delivering Their Pizza

Barbara Gillespie is still working at 72 years old in order to make a living and survive, but one couple and thousands of strangers gave her the gift of a lifetime.

Gillespie is a Domino's delivery driver and was out delivering pizza to a family in South Carolina when she fell on their front porch.

“I open the door and there she is just laying on the ground trying to get up,” Kevin Keighron, the homeowner, told Good Morning America. “She was more worried about [the food] than anything else. And I was like, ‘I don't care about the food. I care about you.’”

Gillespie, who has worked at Domino's for the last five and a half years, was struggling after the fall and continuously apologized to Keighron.

The whole incident was caught on the family's home surveillance video and quickly went viral online. People all over the country felt for Gillespie and wanted to do something to help.

Keighron and his wife, Lacey Klein, decided to set up a GoFundMe to leave an extra tip for Gillespie, but they never imagined how far people's kindness would go.

More than 16,000 people have since donated more than $260,000 to their campaign.

 width= Photo: GoFundMe

When Gillespie learned of this life-changing moment, she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

“I almost gave up on people because so many people out there today are so mean,” Gillespie told GMA. “And here we got people loving, caring people. They care about someone else...about an elderly woman.”

Gillespie is beyond grateful to all of these strangers who donated and is now officially retiring.

Hear more of this heartwarming story in the video below:

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