Come and Chase Me! Mischievous Kitten Brings Out the Inner Puppy in Old Dog

Come and Chase Me! Mischievous Kitten Brings Out the Inner Puppy in Old Dog

With more than 20,000 votes, this video on Reddit's r/aww forum is touching a lot of hearts and making many people smile.

It's a video clip of a 13-year-old beagle named Willie who has found his inner puppy after recently befriending a mischievous kitten named Louie. Both animals are owned by Reddit user Perpetual_Tuesday, who told their story to Newsweek.

 width= Photo: Reddit Video/u/Perpetual_Tuesday

According to Perpetual_Tuesday, they adopted Willie after he was rescued from a puppy mill. He grew up with his best friend, Oscar, spending many years having fun and good times together. But unfortunately, Oscar died last September.

"Willie has been very upset for the past year about his friend's decline and passing, and became very depressed. The house was very sad," related Perpetual_Tuesday.

 width= Photo: Reddit Video/u/Perpetual_Tuesday

To bring back the lost joy into their home, their family decided to adopt another pet. They contacted a local rescue who informed them about Louie the kitten who was saved from a hoarding condition by people living in a trailer home with 50 cats.

"His bio described him as a spunky guy who loves snuggles and kisses," explained Perpetual_Tuesday. "That was very much correct. He is the most stereotypical loveable troublemaking cat."

The result? Fun and joyful noise returned to their home. Willie is so fond of Louie that he will howl in happiness while they play.

 width= Photo: Reddit Video/u/Perpetual_Tuesday

Their owner described the situation of the new best friends. "They play together, sleep together and eat together. Willie is so happy he's like a puppy again, and Louie has found a loving home where he has a big stinky loud friend."

Here are some of the joyous comments from Redditors:

 width= Photo: Reddit Video/u/Perpetual_Tuesday

Written by goliathfasa, this comment says, "I like how kitty was all into it until the howling and barking starts, and then he’s all like, 'we don’t do that here.'"

HowardsLintRoller added, “And for that reason, I’m out.”

But Perpetual_Tuesday replied, "Oh no, they kept playing and tackling each other long after."

Wren1101 has observed, "He was hiding for a sneak attack haha!"

And the happy comments went on and on! You too will surely enjoy this video of Willie and Louie!

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