This Betrayed Cat Wouldn't Stop Hissing Until She Learned to Trust Her Rescuer

This Betrayed Cat Wouldn't Stop Hissing Until She Learned to Trust Her Rescuer

There have been many who were impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Many people fled in fear, and, unfortunately, they weren't the only ones to suffer as a result.

One of the difficulties that is being seen in Ukraine is the fact that pets were abandoned. That is where the woman in this video comes in, because she saves pets and does what she can to find them a forever home.

On this particular day, she was out for a walk in the park when she saw a pet carrier. There was a cat hanging out nearby, and she knew she would have to help.

 width= Photos: YouTube / Love Furry Friends - Rescue Channel

This was a very frightening situation for the cat. Dogs are allowed to roam in the park without a leash, so it is quite dangerous.

When the rescuer got close to the little one, she hid inside her carrier. She didn't want anyone to come close to her, which makes you wonder what her life was like prior to being rescued.

Learning How to Trust

The feline was so frightened that she was acting aggressively. It took some time and coaxing, but they were able to get her into another carrier, and it was time to change her life.

They took the cat to the veterinarian, where she was treated for parasites. The cat was also sterilized and vaccinated.

After making sure she got all the medical attention she needed, her rescuer went to the store for some shopping. They wanted to make sure that the cat had everything she needed.

Something else that the new addition to the home needed was a name, and they chose Melissa. It took some time for her to acclimate to the new home because she didn't know what to think at first.

 width= Photos: YouTube / Love Furry Friends - Rescue Channel

Trust was a big issue for Melissa after being abandoned in the park. At first, she was hissing and frightened of everything but they saw a big change in her when she learned to trust.

Suddenly, Melissa went from being a frightened, hissing cat to a playful and loving addition to the home.

Melissa was even given two new friends, and they are loving life together. They enjoy playing, and they love getting treats.

The little cat has come a long way since that humble beginning. She is now ready to find a forever home.

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