Things that Could Make Dark Clouds Disappear and Make Way for Better Days

Things that Could Make Dark Clouds Disappear and Make Way for Better Days

It's only a bad day, not a bad life — you could still find reasons to have a better day. Those things could easily comfort you and put a smile on your face. You can fight the sadness, make the dark clouds disappear, and see the brighter side. Controlling your day is not a human skill, but you can find a way to regulate your emotions. However, it's healthier to allow yourself to feel than to go straight to a remedy. Then again, letting negative emotions stay for too long is self-destructing — ruining your physical and mental health. You'll miss most of your life when you give power to sadness and anxiety.

Each person has their own coping mechanisms and reasons to not let a bad day affect them. HockPuter09 posted something on Reddit regarding the matter: "What's one thing that can instantly make your day better?" Redditors shared their ways of dealing with under-the-weather moments. The answers listed below have brightened up their days, which might be similar to yours.


No one can deny that copyboy1's answer is true since a lot of people can testify to its effectiveness. The walking fur of sunshine can instantly make your day lighter — even by only looking at them, it feels like a heavy weight was taken off your shoulders. Dogs have a healing aura that makes you melt in their presence whenever sadness envelopes you. That's why many people adopt dogs, because they are the biggest source of joy for them. It's a comfort that comes with fur and cuddles that you'll never ever trade for the world.


There's a reason why getting a sufficient amount of sleep hours is highly recommended by doctors. Sleep has healing qualities as it relaxes your body and helps regulate emotions. Your mind is clearer after a good slumber, which can aid you in assessing a lousy day even better. Realizations will hit you, and you'll better understand that bad days do not define your whole life. When things get tough, ensure that you take a nap after you have allowed yourself to be sad.


It's justifiable that music is the language of the soul — art can easily resonate with your feelings. Music is a significant influence on a person's mood. For instance, someone becomes confident when listening to empowering songs. Music is needed during photoshoots to help the model express confidence on a different level. The same goes for handling your emotions; a happy, upbeat song is enough to lighten the vibe. Create a playlist that consists of all the songs that uplift you. More importantly, music is more accessible these days — sad? Grab your phone and hit that play button now.

Hot Drinks

Whether it's hot chocolate or coffee, rest assured that you'll cool down with a hot beverage. The scientific explanation is that hot drinks improve circulation as blood vessels expand. Blood flow can relax your muscles, which makes your body feel at ease. It's like a warm hug in a cup, so make sure that you have enough supply in your pantry. Besides, who wouldn't be happy with a delicious drink, right?

Loved Ones

A smile from someone you hold dear can immediately make days better. Their presence is an assurance that everything will be alright; you are loved and not alone. Confide with your friends and family whenever you feel down — a proven and tested method that provides great results. Spending time with your loved ones can make you forget you had a terrible day. Once they get to make you laugh and they comfort you with a hug, you get to move forward with positivity.

Give yourself a pat on the back whenever you win over a bad day. Those small wins are proof of life — that you are strong enough to get back on your feet again. Breathing first and having a break with the things that bring you comfort is important. Do not be too hard on yourself — you are human, and awful days are normal. The answer might be in the comment section if you have not yet found your remedy. It'll play a huge role in knowing yourself even more.

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