This Parrot Could Fool You into Thinking She's a Human

This Parrot Could Fool You into Thinking She's a Human

It doesn't matter who we are, we could all use a helping hand from time to time. This is also true of birds, and when they are part of a family, they can really make a difference in everyone's life.

One family found this out all too well when they adopted a parrot. She is three years old and has become such an interesting part of the family that they had to make a video about her.

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When they first met Cosmo, they weren't quite sure how well she would do. Cosmo had recently lost her mother, and she was very nervous.

In fact, Cosmo picked up the habit of plucking her own feathers, which is something that she has struggled with since that time. They decided to take a chance and bring her into the home, and they did so for a very special reason.

A Beautiful Introduction

When they first met Cosmo, she said: "Hi, I'm Cosmo, what's your name?"

It was such an interesting interaction that was so humanlike, they couldn't help but bring her home. The problem was, they didn't really know anything about raising a bird.

Immediately, Cosmo's human mom looked into everything they could and couldn't do with a parrot. This included some specific foods they couldn't eat, which she was surprised to learn.

 width= Photos: YouTube / GeoBeats Animals

What was most surprising, however, is the fact that Cosmo speaks like a human. In fact, she almost seems to understand the context of words, so she will sometimes hold a full conversation with you.

Cosmo Shows Her Stripes

More than likely, you have seen this type of parrot in videos before. Often, they are raging, and they don't always have the cleanest language.

They admit that Cosmo also falls into that category, but they kept the video clean for our benefit.

I have to admit, it's absolutely hilarious to hear Cosmo talking. She even talks to Google, telling it to turn the lights on when she wants. I think this would be difficult to handle.

If Cosmo is not getting the attention she needs, she pretends she has the sniffles. She will also cough a very human cough, and continue to do it until you pay attention to her.

One of the funnier things they told us about and showed us was when she told the family cat to 'shut up.' I wonder where she learned that?

In the end, Cosmo is having the time of her life. She still does some plucking, and a vet said that it is very hard for them to stop such a habit.

Cosmo is like their own daughter, and she even tears up when she talks about her. Let's hope they have many happy years together.

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