Black Bear Breaks Into Woman's Car And Drinks 69 Cans Of Soda

Black Bear Breaks Into Woman's Car And Drinks 69 Cans Of Soda

A woman in Earls Cove, British Colombia was in for quite a surprise when she discovered a bear had broken into her car and guzzled dozens of soda cans.

According to the Coast Reporter, Sharon Rosel woke up to her dog barking in the middle of the night and discovered a black bear outside her home.

Rosel watched as the bear broke the window of her car and entered her vehicle. What could she possibly be after? Apparently, the bear was after the six cans of soda that Rosel had purchased for her food truck, Sharon's Grill-It.

Rosel shared photos of the situation in a now-private Facebook post.

Speaking with the Coast Reporter, she explained that she regularly practices bear-safe habits by not keeping food in the car, but she didn't expect the bear to smell soda in a closed can. "That was my mistake," she said.

After assessing the damage later, Rosel discovered the bear drank 69 cans of soda - leaving just three cans of diet soda behind.

It's safe to say this bear wasn't worried about watching her weight at all!

Check out the news segment below:

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