Chonky Cat Gets Mistaken For A Black Bear And People Are Identifying Their Own Cats As Bears Now

Chonky Cat Gets Mistaken For A Black Bear And People Are Identifying Their Own Cats As Bears Now

You’re walking around outside and you see something… It's big, it's black, and it's chonky! Is it the almighty black bear?

Oh, wait! Let me put my glasses on.

Oops. False alarm, everybody!

It’s just a black cat. My bad.

Although if you’re superstitious, this warning is still valid.

But, really, black cats aren’t evil. It’s 2023, and there are still some people who believe that black cats are a sign of an omen or bad luck. And that’s just sad, because black cats are less likely to be adopted and have a higher euthanasia rate than light-furred cats because of this stigma.

I believe that cats are separated into two groups – sassy and sweet. Much like people, some cats are clingy and show their affections openly, and then there are some cats that are sensitive and will only interact with you when they feel like it. Both groups are still adorable and harmless.

Being chonky only makes their cuteness level much higher, just like the cat in the tweet above.

One person, a self-proclaimed troll account, commented under the tweet that the creature in the picture above is, in fact, “not a bear, that’s a cat."

The original poster, Tweets of Cats, doesn’t usually reply to tweets like this. But they were serious with this one.

Troll accounts can be malicious sometimes; they make fun of serious issues or they take the joy out of anything remotely fun or wholesome. But this kind of interaction just added more humor to the original tweet. From the troll’s blatant reply to the original poster’s adamant stance that black bears are a serious matter, it’s almost like a sitcom bit!

Black bear warning aside, if this post made you think about getting your own miniature black bear, read this article for more reasons to adopt a black cat!

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