Family Discovers Black Bear Hibernating Under Their Porch

Family Discovers Black Bear Hibernating Under Their Porch

A Connecticut family was in for quite the surprise when they discovered a black bear was hibernating under their porch!

Tyler Dashukewich (@thetrendytransparent on TikTok) made the discovery thanks to a family dog.

In an interview with CNN, Tyler explained, "My brother and his girlfriend were taking the dog out and she was acting a little bit nervous. So we just peaked down under the deck and there was the bear there."

Tyler posted about the bear on TikTok, writing: "When you find out why your dog has been scared going outside."

In the clip, you can see the camera pan over the side of the porch. Hiding beneath is a massive black bear.

The bear is awake and curiously stares at the camera, but doesn't try to move.

Check it out for yourself in the video below:

@thetrendytransparent #bears #newengland #bearsinct ♬ original sound - Tyler Dashukewich

In a follow-up video posted a few days later, Tyler shared that the black bear, who they named Marty, was still comfortably living under their porch.

The bear had stolen some food from their trash and seemed comfortable and cozy for winter. Considering Tyler seems fine with letting him stay, it really does appear to be a great hibernation spot!

She said in the comments that she hopes to get a trail camera set up and facing Marty so she can watch him all the time, and also share the footage with the world.

You can see more of Marty the black bear in the clip below:

@thetrendytransparent Marty is chillin #bears #bearsinct #martythebear #plainvillect ♬ original sound - Tyler Dashukewich
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