Scientists Found A Supermassive Black Hole That Is Now Facing The Earth

Scientists Found A Supermassive Black Hole That Is Now Facing The Earth

For many years, the possibility of black holes was considered, but they were never confirmed. Today, we realize that black holes exist, and some of them are larger than others.

We may even be able to find black holes in distant galaxies that are further away than the mind can comprehend. According to Oxford University, one of those galaxies is PBC J2333.9-2343, and scientists began to take a closer look at the supermassive black hole found in the center.

At first, they looked at the galaxy as if it was peculiar. They did have a hypothesis that a black hole at the center changed its direction, but they couldn't confirm it at first.

According to the Royal Astronomical Society, Dr. Lorena Hernández-García said they did a lot of observations. She added then: "The fact that we see the nucleus is not feeding the lobes anymore means that they are very old. They are the relics of past activity, whereas the structures located closer to the nucleus represent younger and active jets."

 width= Photo: Flickr/Hubble ESA License: CC BY 2.0

That galaxy, which is approximately 657 million lightyears from Earth, was originally thought to be a radio galaxy. Scientists now feel that the phenomena has rotated 90° and pointed toward Earth.

As the galaxy stretches some 4 million lightyears from one to the other, it is exceedingly massive. It is almost 40 times larger than our own Milky Way.

Some people think the galaxy may have collided with another galaxy which caused it to shift direction. We also don't know how the blackhole direction will affect us.

This is only one of the many black holes that may be threatening Earth. There are also other astronomical phenomena that need our attention, including the possibility of near-Earth asteroids that could pose a danger if they aren't monitored and discovered in time.

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