Blind Senior Pitbull Gets Her Vision Back For The First Time Since Puppyhood

Blind Senior Pitbull Gets Her Vision Back For The First Time Since Puppyhood

Backyard breeding is a sad reality that many dogs endure. Unless people refuse to purchase dogs from social media, Craigslist, flea markets, pet stores, etc., backyard breeding will continue to hurt innocent puppies and their parents.

One sweet pittie named Hazel found herself being neglected for nearly a decade. People purchased her puppies, encouraging her owner to keep breeding her and neglecting her. It was a sad cycle, but she finally found her way out.

The animal rescue Mr. Bones & Co., introduced Hazel to the public in a Facebook post, explaining that the poor pup was taken in by Animal Care & Control of NYC after her owner surrendered her.

Hazels owner used her in a backyard breeding operation where she was grossly neglected for nearly a decade. Once she was too old to produce puppies, they dumped her at the shelter.

Being an 8 to 9-year-old blind senior pitbull with severe medical issues, Hazel's chances of survival and adoption were slim. Most shelters likely would've euthanized her, but Mr. Bones & Co., was determined to get her healed and adopted into a loving home to enjoy her golden years.

The rescue said, "This blind, gentle senior is battling so many hardships and yet greets the entire world with nothing but gratitude, sweetness and an open heart. We are committed to getting her healthy and into an incredible home!"

They went on to say that Hazel was blind due to juvenile cataracts that she'd developed as a puppy. Beyond that, she was suffering from emaciation, diabetes, an infected leg wound, a UTI, anemia, and a grade three heart murmur.

After countless medical appointments, three foster homes, and so much uncertainty in Hazel's life, Mr. Bones & Co., announced some incredible news: Hazel found a forever home!

They wrote on Facebook, "A couple in MA found out about her and began following her progress until one day, they submitted an adoption application."

"They didn't care if her vision came back, they didn't care that she required daily insulin shots for the rest of her life. They only cared about her," they added.

Hazel spent "a few weeks" with Onalie, John and her new canine brother, Cooper, to "ensure a love match" and amazingly, she was a perfect fit! The family officially welcomed her into their home and she's now living her best life.

"Not only does HAZEL have her full site back after years of darkness and can endlessly chase and play with her new brother...she can now see the faces of her family and is enveloped in love and light. Happy life, HAZEL, you're exactly where you were meant to be," the rescue concluded.

You can see more of her story in the video below, courtesy of The Dodo:

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