Boy, the Dog Was Rescued Twice

Boy, the Dog Was Rescued Twice

Boy, the dog was rescued twice.

The first time he was rescued, Daniel found him emaciated, hungry and full of defensive wounds from his hard life, fighting in the streets in Costa Rica. A beautiful black German shepherd, he looked elegant despite his poor nutrition and battle-weary face.

Daniel approached him and calmly whispered "good boy, good boy."

Daniel told himself that if the dog allowed him to be picked up, he would take him home. At that point, Boy was out of fight. He was desperate and he allowed Daniel to put him into his truck and drive him to his new home.

Daniel fed Boy and kept him tethered on a leash for two days. After the second day, he removed the leash and let Boy enjoy the freedom of living up on the mountain where Daniel resided. The property was large and there were cows across the street and chickens in the yard. Boy thrived and never left the property.

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He grew to love Daniel and he was a devoted family member. He took his role as protector of the property very seriously and on the few occasions when a car would drive-by on the dirt road, Boy would bark ferociously, alerting anyone in earshot that he was "on duty."

Several years later, Daniel had the opportunity to move to the United States. He left Boy on the property with his daughter and her family. Boy transferred his affections and his devotion to the new family residing in the home.

However, trouble soon arrived.

As a result of marital discord, the family broke up and moved away, astoundingly leaving Boy alone up on the mountain. Daniel was informed that “extra food and water had been "left out" but the family had moved on and Boy was, once again, abandoned.

Daniel knew that Boy would never leave the property as he patiently waited for his loved ones to return. Boy had always barked and chased any car or truck that "dared" to travel on "his" road. Juan Carlos was a neighbor who worked at the last property at the top of the mountain. He endured an almost daily barrage of Boy’s barking and chasing his truck. Each morning and every evening Boy would hysterically chase after the truck, biting at the tires, until he felt that he had "done his job."


Daniel was frantic as he knew Boy was alone. Out of desperation, he asked Juan Carlos if he would consider providing food and water for Boy until other plans could somehow be formulated for Boy‘s care. Although reticent because Boy had shown such aggression toward him, Juan Carlos agreed to help because he is a kind and responsible man.

Boy had initially been less than welcoming when Juan Carolos stopped in with food. Eventually Boy reluctantly allowed Juan Carlos to drop off food and replenish his water supply. Several weeks passed by and Boy’s plight haunted Daniel. Alternate homes were considered but Boy is a large dog and he would not easily fit into the majority of households.

Finally a decision was made to try to somehow get Boy over to the United States. The task was monumental.

Commercial airlines were no longer transporting large dogs. A local veterinarian advised that there was a company in Costa Rica who could arrange transportation through a freight company. This company had several requirements which included getting Boy to the veterinarian for inoculations. Then he would have to be transported in a regulation size crate to their company where he would spend the night. He would then be delivered to the airport for his flight.

Although there was an old crate at the house, it was determined that it was not large enough so Boy would need to get a new crate. Of course, a major hurdle was just how to get Boy into the crate. This is where Juan Carlos stepped up and somehow managed to accomplish all of those tasks.

As if by miracle, Boy arrived to the United States on November 23, 2019. He was peering through the slats in the wooden crate that had been constructed by the pet transport company. Boy actually traveled to Panama prior to being dropped off at the airport in Miami, Florida. Daniel and I drove over five hours to get to Miami and anxiously waited for Boy‘s crate to be opened.

Would he recognize Daniel?

It had been six months since they had seen one another. When the crate was finally opened, Boy went up to Daniel and put his paws up on Daniel‘s chest as if to hug him and say "I am here, I remember you, let’s go home."


Boy made a rapid adjustment to life in the United States. His first day was spent at the vet's office where he was treated for a very bad ear infection. He tolerated the visit as well as cooperated with the daily applications of medicine.

Although rarely being on a leash in the past, Boy was perfect when walking in the neighborhood. Daniel and I soon moved to another house with a large fenced in backyard. Once again Boy has property to roam.

Boy immediately became the protector of this new home, barking at anyone who dared approach in his driveway. Boy loves car rides and if another vehicle drives too close to his car, he immediately goes into protective mode and barking ferociously at the "intruder."

Today Boy enjoys walks in the neighborhood with his family. After returning home from every walk, he immediately wants to climb the steps into the in-ground swimming pool to cool off.

As I write this, I observe Boy sprawled out on the couch, relaxed and contented. His belly is full and he is incredibly loved. Boy is a blessing to our family and his presence rescued not only him, but also Daniel.

Boy was a piece of home and today he is a devoted and loving addition to the family.

Story submitted by Meryl Buczek.

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