Young Boy With Autism Admires His Neighbor's Flag Every Day So They Gift Him Cute Surprise

Young Boy With Autism Admires His Neighbor's Flag Every Day So They Gift Him Cute Surprise

You never quite know what is going on in the mind and heart of a child. It seems as if they walk to the beat of their own drum, and sometimes they may do things that make us question them on a basic level.

That is the way many people looked at Finn Daly. Although he is only six years old, he has a love and appreciation for the American flag.

That little boy will often go around his neighborhood with his mom and dad to look at the flags, and somebody took notice

According to CBS Evening News, one person, who had an American flag out in front of his house, noticed that Finn would stop and stare at the flag. He loved that the little boy had such an appreciation for the flag, and he had no problem with him standing in front of his house. In fact, he appreciated that the young boy seem to have a love for America.

Since he often saw Finn looking at the flag, he decided to make a little bench so he could stay and enjoy it for as long as he liked in comfort. He didn't let anybody know that he was building the bench, he just put it by a tree so that when Finn and his family walked by the next time, they would see it.

According to the news outlet, Brook, Finn's mother, said that she was moved to tears over the kind gesture. Even though she admitted it was a small gesture.

She said, "Things like this really restore your faith in humanity. Like, there’s still good people out there that want to do kind things for no other reason than just to be kind."

Even though it was just a simple bench made from scrap wood, it did wonders for this young family. After being posted online, many others were touched by the experience as well.

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