Buffalo Sauce' Is Rescued from a Storm Drain

Buffalo Sauce' Is Rescued from a Storm Drain

When you are a first responder, you never quite know what is going to happen during the day. Some days may be perfectly normal, but other days can have unexpected events, and you may need to think on your feet.

One thing that the Arizona Humane Society Emergency Animal Medical technicians are familiar with is saving animals from storm drains. It's similar to what happens in many parts of the world, and we often hear about it on the news.

 width= Photo: YouTube / Arizona Humane Society

Essentially, a little animal wanders by and falls down through the grate. Without being given a helping hand, many of those animals would not survive.

Animal medical technicians are well aware of this, and they have helped many animals out of a difficult situation. This includes animals such as dogs, cats, goats, ducklings, and almost anything in between.

On this particular day, a little kitten had fallen down into the storm drain, and they were called to rescue it. That little kitten, whom they named Buffalo Sauce, was in serious trouble.

It isn't just the fact that the kitten was stuck in a difficult area, it was also monsoon season in Arizona. Flash flooding and other dangers can cause a kitten in a storm drain to wash away without any hope.

 width= Photo: YouTube / Arizona Humane Society

Fortunately, the rescuers were on the case, and they set up a trap for Buffalo Sauce. They were hoping that he would take the bait quickly, and he did.

Buffalo Sauce was taken in by the rescuers and given an opportunity to heal. At that point, he was ready for adoption, and a lucky family is going to be very happy to have this loving kitten by their side.

Most people are surprised when they hear about this type of danger happening. It happens every day, however, and it's only thanks to the help of kind rescuers that the animals are able to survive.

You can learn more about Buffalo Sauce and this amazing rescue in the following video.


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