Mischievous Bulldogs Destroy House And Then Play Dead To Avoid Getting In Trouble

Mischievous Bulldogs Destroy House And Then Play Dead To Avoid Getting In Trouble

When you do something wrong, you expect to pay the consequences. We have known that this is the way things go since the time we were children.

Then again, if you are a dog, you sometimes know how to get around the consequences. After all, the humans in your life can't help but love you, and they know that you are just being a dog. It gets you out of a lot of sticky messes.

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That is what Oliver and Sofia experienced. In fact, they know how to play their humans like a fiddle, and there is a video to prove it.

Like dogs do sometimes, Oliver and Sofia got rambunctious one day. The dogs did what dogs do best. They ran around and destroyed a room. It was quite a mess, with baskets thrown everywhere and sometimes destroyed, the fabric ripped on the sofa and chairs, and things that a "bad boy" is going to do.

After making a mess, they likely realized they were in a lot of trouble. It may be fun when you are in the middle of tearing things up, but afterward, it's time to pay the price.

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The two bulldogs did what they could to make up for it. They lay in the middle of the floor and played dead. You heard it right. They rolled over and played opossum, hoping it would somehow keep their human parents from being too upset.

When their human mom came to check on things, they stuck with their plan. As she looked around the room at all that was strewn about, the bulldogs in the middle of the floor really got her attention.

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What would they do? Would they punish the dogs for being so naughty? The dogs stood their ground and didn't move, but when mom called out, "who wants a snack?" that was all they needed to hear.

If you want to see the most adorable thing you will see all day, watch the video. These dogs are winning the hearts of millions of people online.

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