Cat Thinks He's A Baby And Takes Over In His Human Brother's Stuff

Cat Thinks He's A Baby And Takes Over In His Human Brother's Stuff

In the realm of the Internet, cat content is king. There are countless viral memes, pictures and videos of adorable animal antics that often feature cats.

One mischievous feline managed to make his way to Internet stardom by commandeering a baby seat.

It all began when the cat's family brought home a tiny little human baby. Cats are known to be curious in nature, and this clever feline is no different. While some cats aren't a fan of tiny humans, this cat got comfortable with the baby, and it seems he even started to assimilate!

In an adorable video shared on Reddit, you can see the baby sitting in his baby seat when the cat hops up to join him!

There's an empty baby seat next to the baby, and the cat hops right in and takes it over for himself. It's pretty adorable and also quite funny.

The cat goes as far as to squeeze his hind legs into the leg holes and sits just like the baby. How cute!

The baby doesn't seem to mind sharing his stuff, so it's all good in the end. The family managed to film the whole encounter and uploaded it to Reddit with the caption, "I am a baby too..."

"I was unreasonably happy when the cat got its other leg in the hole," one person commented. "If I fits, I sits," someone else joked.

You can see the adorable clip for yourself in the video below:

Aren't they just too cute?

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