Can You Spot The Cat Hiding Among The Stuffed Animals?

Can You Spot The Cat Hiding Among The Stuffed Animals?

Cats are clever and they have a way of disappearing when they want to. Recently, I was visiting a friend who had two cats. All of the sudden, the house seemed to be quiet - too quiet. We realized the cats were not in their usual hangout spots and began to panic.

After searching the entire two-story house three separate times, we went outside to search the yard and under the cars thinking they might've escaped somehow. Much to our relief, they were both later discovered hiding ever so quietly in a barely open closet under some suitcases.

Being good at hiding and at disguise is almost second nature to cats, including a white feline named Larry.

Larry lives in a home with four other cats, all short-haired and white like him. It's hard to tell them apart! Somehow their owner manages, and she's even clever enough to spot them when they're being sneaky and hiding away.

In a TikTok, Larry's owner showed off just how good Larry's hiding skills really are. The video featured a large pile of stuffed animals, and in them, was Larry. I had to watch it several times before spotting him!

The friendly cat seems to blend right into the lifeless animals and holds perfectly still the entire video. Watch the TikTok below:

Could you find Larry?

If not, here's a clue: He's hiding in the middle section of the stuffed animals.

If you still can't find him, don't worry. He's got quite the knack for camouflage.

Check out the photo below to see where he's hiding:

You can see more of Larry and his family on TikTok, @5crazycats.

Malorie Thompson

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