Sleepy Kitty Loves Napping On His Owner's Piano - Even When It's Being Played

Sleepy Kitty Loves Napping On His Owner's Piano - Even When It's Being Played

Cats are all so unique, it's fun to see their individual personalities shine through. They have different interests and habits, including one cat who's obsessed with music!

Meet Haburu, the sleepy, piano-loving cat.

The sweet feline loves when his owner, Minh, plays piano and he enjoys leisurely naps to the music. While a piano may not seem like the most comfortable place to snooze, Haburu wouldn't have it any other way.

Minh regularly shares videos and photos of Haburu on social media, and the two have amassed over half a million followers on YouTube alone!

After watching their videos, it's easy to see why. Check out some of the clips below:

Minh also shares adorable photos of the two on Facebook, where people from around the world follow them.

You can see some of the pictures below:

Minh is a talented pianist and Haburu is an appreciative audience. He might fall asleep mid-song, but that doesn't mean he's not loving every minute of it!

You can see more Haburu and Minh on Facebook or check out their YouTube channel here.

Have you ever seen a cat sleeping on a piano before? What do you think of Haburu and Minh? Let us know!

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