What Stuff Are Cats Made Of? They're Full of Mystery and Unique Purrsonalities!

What Stuff Are Cats Made Of? They're Full of Mystery and Unique Purrsonalities!

No matter how long you and your cat have been together, you know that there's a mysterious side of your pet that you're still unable to fathom.

You're not the only one who's baffled. Many experts feel the same way, especially since the limited research on cats is mainly done in laboratories, animal shelters, and free-ranging communities of feral cats.

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Researchers from the University of South Australia and the University of Wellington in New Zealand, who published a study on cat personalities, stated in their paper, "This gap in knowledge is problematic since the typical environment for domestic cats is arguably the home, with tens of millions of pet cats, some kept exclusively indoors.

But, despite the challenge, the team succeeded in identifying the major personality types of cats based on the Five-Factor Model, or the Big Five, which has been used in human personality research. This model uses more common language than scientific terms for clarity and quick comprehension. These five universal factors are: "openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism."

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Now, when it comes to cats, their personality types are categorized into the Feline Five:

  1. Neuroticism. This means a cat feels insecure, anxious, shy, fearful of humans, and suspicious.
  2. Extraversion. This cat is active, smart, curious, vigilant, inquisitive, and inventive.
  3. Dominance. Cat behaves like a bully and is aggressive toward other cats.
  4. Impulsiveness. This cat's behavior is reckless and erratic.
  5. Agreeableness. Affectionate, gentle, and friendly to humans are the primary qualities of this cat.
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But take note that a little bit of each of the Feline Five are present in every cat. So, you can still expect your cat to be made of stuff that's a unique mix of hereditary and environmental influences.

And hey, we've got more information to benefit you and your cat. Cats Protection offers these tips to get along better with your cat based on their personality types:

  • Shy kitten. Give your cat its own hiding place where she can take refuge anytime she wants. This will help to make her feel secure and comfortable in her surroundings.
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  • Cat who loves sleeping. With this type of cat, offering her different snoozing areas at home will add to her happiness and boost her health. Cats change sleeping locations regularly in order to avoid parasitic infection.
  • Playful pussycat. Toys are the best gift for this energetic cat, including an enrichment feeder to satisfy her hunting instinct and add excitement to her life.
  • Attention-seeker kitty. Even though most cats are fond of grooming themselves, there are kitties who love human attention. So set aside time every day to soothe this type of kitty with a grooming brush or affectionate strokes, especially when she feels stressed. You'll feel just as happy as you hear her purr with pleasure.


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