Foster Fails and Best Buddies Adopted Together: Rescue Cat Success Stories

Foster Fails and Best Buddies Adopted Together: Rescue Cat Success Stories

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Shelter Volunteer Can't Help But Have a Foster Kitten Fail

I fostered these two felines from Huntsville Animal Services located in Huntsville, Alabama. They were sickly and underweight. It was a foster failure; I adopted both.


They each have such unique personalities. Maya is quiet and knows she’s gorgeous. Oscar is very outspoken and talks all the time. Of course, I mean meowing! When I come home from work, they greet me with such enthusiasm. Talk about ‘Pet Therapy.’ They put a smile on my face even after a rough day.

Fostering pets from the shelter is so rewarding. They are such enjoyment for me and my family. I continue to foster kittens in need, and Maya and Oscar welcome them aboard.

Story submitted by Karen Buchan.

Best Buddies Adopted Together After Nearly Three Years in Shelter

Willow and Charlotte spent a total of 32+ months at the shelter.


When a family came in looking for a cat, they fell in love with both of them.... and gave them a home together! It was so heartwarming that the volunteers at the shelter made sure to find them a perfect home together.

Story submitted by Randy Lucas.

Family Makes a Slam Dunk with New Kitten Kobe

Before coming to PAWS Shelter, Kobe was one of the many kittens at Palm Valley Animal Center, one of the highest intake shelters in Texas. He was pulled for the PAWS Shelter adoption program by a PAWS staff member with a sports-loving husband, who named him and fostered him until he was fully ready for adoption.


Once he was made available for adoption, it only took him one day to find his forever home! Kobe now enjoys cuddling his humans, sitting in the dining room window to watch birds, and playing with the other cat in the home.

Story submitted by Coleen Dunlap.

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