Not Sure When Your Rescue Pet's Birthday Is? Celebrate their Adoption Day!

Not Sure When Your Rescue Pet's Birthday Is? Celebrate their Adoption Day!


If your best bud is a rescue pet, you likely don't know when their birthday is. For a lot of folks, this wouldn't matter, but for some, they'd actually like to know so that they can celebrate the passage of each year with a certain amount of fanfare. If this sounds like you, here's an idea you might be able to get on board with.

Celebrating Adoption Day

The day you adopted your pet and made them a part of your family is one that can be observed in place of their real birthday. The cool thing is, no matter how they came into your life, this day is special because it marks the beginning of your time on Earth together.

To take it a step further, celebrating each year at the same time is a great way to remember all the good times you've shared together in the interim.

Ideas for Observing Adoption Day

To mark the occasion of your pet's adoption day, you can go as big or as small as you want. It can be simple or extravagant, depending on your budget. Here are a few ideas for getting the day started.

Doggy Shopping Trip

If your pet is of the canine persuasion, consider taking them to a pet store that welcomes four-legged friends. Dogs generally love going to PetSmart or any of the other box stores specializing in pet merchandise. One of their favorite parts of the experience is receiving a biscuit from the cashier during checkout.

Check out stuff that your pet enjoys the most, like squeaky toys, treats, chews, beds, etc. 

It's Party Time

Just like birthday parties, adoption day parties are a good way to bring family and friends together, and they can bring their own pups, too. If you really want to go all out, decorate your house or yard. If you're going this route, make sure there are plenty of treats to go around for furry guests. 

Make Pet Treats

You can make a pet-friendly cake or use a treat recipe for yummy yet healthy snacks. Don't go overboard, though, to avoid upset tummies, and stay away from human foods or ingredients that might be toxic to dogs and cats in larger quantities.

Spend the Day Together

Honestly, your pet just wants to hang out with you and would love nothing more than to have your undivided attention. You can take them to the dog park, on a car ride for a Puppachino, a long walk or run, an hour of playing fetch, or even a trip to a dog-friendly beach where they'd be welcome. Indulging them in a morning/afternoon/evening of fun that involves their favorite things will make their day — particularly because you're in it.

For felines, make time to play with them with their favorite toys, buy them a catnip plant to roll around on, or just snuggle up on the couch together and settle in for a good movie or read a book.

Donate In Your Pet's Name

In honor of your pet's presence in your life, donate to the shelter or rescue group you adopted your pet from. If they were a stray or you came across them some other way, donate to an animal charity close to your heart.

Making the Most of Adoption Day

When marking the day you brought your pet home, make sure to choose activities they feel comfortable with and truly enjoy. Don't force them into awkward photo shoots or hats and outfits you find amusing if they don't like them. Remember, it's their day, and you're merely showing the love.

Rebecca West

Rebecca is a writer and editor for both print and digital with a love for travel, history, archaeology, trivia, and architecture. Much of her writing has focused on human and animal health and welfare. A life-long pet owner, she has taken part in fostering dogs for military members during deployment and given many rescued and surrendered dogs the forever home they always wanted. Her two favorite canine quotes are, "Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are," and "My dog rescued me."

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