Children Reportedly Survive Plane Crash And Survive 16 Days In The Jungle

Children Reportedly Survive Plane Crash And Survive 16 Days In The Jungle

Four children were reportedly found alive after surviving a plane crash and spending more than two weeks alone in the remote jungle of Colombia.

According to a press release from the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, a plane carrying four children crashed on the border of Caquetá and Guaviare on May 1, 2023.

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The BBC notes that the plane was carrying the children, along with their mother, a pilot and a co-pilot, but all of the adults died in the crash. Their bodies were discovered when authorities found the plane, but the children, who range in age from 11 months to 13 years, were nowhere to be seen.

In a story akin to Lord of the Flies, it's believed the children set off on their owner after the plane crash and struck it out to survive in the jungle.

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An extensive search mission was issued to find any survivors of the crash, and it seems that the children have made it out alive!

As shared by the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, authorities were informed from people in the territory that the four children, who are part of the Huitoto indigenous group, were found "alive and that they were in good health."

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Indigenous communities reported the same information, though it's yet to be confirmed.

The organization explained, "the Armed Forces have not yet been able to establish official contact due to the difficult weather conditions and the difficulties of the terrain."

In a May 18 tweet, President Gustavo Petro added that they'll continue the search until the location of the children has been validated.

"The Military Forces and the indigenous communities will continue in their tireless search to give the country the news it is waiting for," he said.

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