Affordable Litter Box Hack Prevents Cats From Spilling Litter All Over The Floor

Affordable Litter Box Hack Prevents Cats From Spilling Litter All Over The Floor

Cats bring joy to whoever has the good fortune of calling them their companion. They provide us with hours of laughter with their silly antics. They amaze us with their playtime acrobatics. And most importantly, they give us so much love. However, as any cat owner will admit, there is only one tiny flaw about these otherwise flawless animals: their litter box.

Besides having to actually scoop their poop, we are constantly worrying about covering up any ungodly smells that might arise from the litter box. That is why strategic placement of the litter box is key in any home.

However, no matter how many times you clean up after your cat, or buy them a litter box with a lid on it, there is one thing that you can't escape: the actual litter!

 width= Photo: Japanese litter box in use, Wikimedia Commons / Ocdp, License: CC BY-SA 3.0 DEED

Much like sand from the beach, a cat's litter somehow manages to get everywhere. Whether your cat just gets extra enthusiastic kicking the sand around, or they inadvertently track it out of the box with them, they somehow always manage to make a mess. And there is nothing more annoying than feeling like you're constantly having to vacuum every time your cat visits the litter box.

But there is a wonderful life hack that was brought to light on the internet that could mean easier litter duty days for cat owners everywhere. While you may not be able to stop your cat from making a mess, you can certainly contain said mess to an easy-to-clean location.

 width= Photo: Pixabay

All that is required is for you to hollow out a hole in a large plastic storage container. put in some cheap carpeting or floor mats, place the litter box inside, and you've got yourself a self-contained litter box within a litter box. Plus, the plastic lid means less smell too, which is always a plus!

Check it out below:

What do you think of this neatly-contained litter box? Would you try this for your cat? Let us know!

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