Want a Sweet-Smelling Home Without a Lot of Fuss? Here Are Some Clever Tips to Achieve It

Want a Sweet-Smelling Home Without a Lot of Fuss? Here Are Some Clever Tips to Achieve It

Who doesn't want a home that smells fresh and fragrant from morning till evening?

Not just the living room, which you can easily make sweet-smelling with fresh flowers. But every room in your home, including the kitchen, where there's a constant mix of odors -- some are delicious aromas, others are unpleasant to the sense of smell.

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Yet, at the same time, you don't want to create indoor pollution through the use of synthetic air fresheners and other deleterious chemicals. You want a clean, healthy, and scent-sational home.

Here are some clever tricks you can do to achieve this dream, according to Reader's Digest Asia:

  • Fill your home with oven-fresh scent without baking. The smell of fresh-baked goodies is truly tantalizing to the nose. But this smart hack doesn't require any pastry-making. All you need is a teaspoon or two of ground cinnamon and some cloves. Put them on a baking sheet and place it in a 95°C oven for 30 minutes with the door open. It will fill the air inside your home with such a delicious aroma.
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  • Make your underwear drawer smell fresh with a dryer sheet. Simply tape it on your dresser's back to release a fine scent. You can do this as well with curtains and under your chairs.
  • Don't just neutralize the odor of your fridge, make it refreshing. Using baking soda to absorb unpleasant odors inside a refrigerator is a practical thing to do. But you can add a more pleasant smell to your fridge by dampening a cotton ball with lemon juice or vanilla extract and placing it on a shelf..
  • You can also neutralize the smell of garbage disposals by throwing leftover lemon or orange peels down the drain once a month.
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  • Use salt, if you don't have any citrus peels. Just put a half cup of salt into the drain while you keep cold water running. The salt will help in removing any waste that's stuck inside it while eliminating the bad smell.
  • Want a natural alternative for diffusers or scented candles? Just put some lemon and orange peels to one or two cups of water in a pot. For a few hours, let it simmer, adding some more water if necessary. The fresh scent will fill your home and delight your senses. You can also use some cloves and let it simmer for 30 minutes for another unique scent-sational experience.
  • Freshen your bathroom and luxuriate in the aromatic oils of eucalyptus by hanging some branches on the showerhead, at the back of the stream of water. The aromatic oils will get released by the steamy shower, which will rejuvenate you while it keeps your bathroom fragrant for a week. What's more, eucalyptus oil helps in relieving colds, sinusitis, and asthma.
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  • Realtors have a trick that you can adopt to make your house smell very, very appealing. Just turn off your lights and let the bulbs completely cool. Then, put two drops of vanilla extract on the bulbs. Once you turn on the light, the heat of the bulb will help in diffusing the scent.
  • Fridge drips are often smelly. Use a plastic lid under each container to catch these drips. When you notice the lids getting dirty, just put the lids into the dishwasher to clean without a fuss.
  • Remove bad odors from plastic containers by using tomato juice to clean them up. You can also use this for a smelly refrigerator.
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  • Is your fridge smelling of spoiled food due to power outage? Just pour fresh or used coffee grounds in the fridge and leave it overnight. The trick will leave your fridge smelling fresh the following day.
  • Want more lemony scent at home? Just slice some lemons in half and put them cut side up in a small container or dish. Then place it in a bathroom or near a litter box for a refreshing, citrusy smell.
  • Neturalize garbage odor by sprinkling some baking soda or borax in the garbage bin's bottom. Make sure to replace the powder each time you dispose of the garbage.
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  • Use scented candles for freshening your closet. Don't light them but just leave them inside in order for the linens to absorb the fragrance.
  • Your vacuum cleaner can also help in scent-sationalizing your home. Choose from your favorite scents and soak a cotton ball with it. Then place this cotton ball into the vacuum cleaner bag. As you clean the floors of your house, the vacuum cleaner will also help to spread the fragrance.
  • Remove unpleasant smells in a fireplace by burning orange or lemon peels in the fire. You can even use these peels in place of newspaper since their oils burn longer.
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  • You can also eliminate bad odor from a humidifier by putting 3 to 4 tablespoons of lemon juice into the water. It will neutralize the unpleasant smell and refresh the air.
  • Get rid of bad odor from your microwave oven with the use of vanilla extract. Just place a bit of it in a bowl, then heat it up in the microwave oven on high temperature for one minute.
  • The smell of fresh paint can give you a headache, and so to make any can of paint more pleasant to the nose, just mix a tablespoon of vanilla into it upon opening.

Go on and try these scent-sational tricks to make your home a paradise of fragrance!


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