They Both Said Yes! A Couple Proved How Soulmates Exist Through a Special Proposal

They Both Said Yes! A Couple Proved How Soulmates Exist Through a Special Proposal

Being in a relationship with your soulmate makes your bond extra unique. You both feel that your minds and soul are wonderfully connected. Your brain waves are in sync, which makes maintaining a relationship seem effortless. It's so rare to find someone who actually gets you and knows you on a deeper level. In this day and age of social media, you'll witness love stories and milestones shared by various couples who end up with their soulmates. When you see them with one another, it can move your heart or make you wish for a partner of your own. Quickly trigger your hopeless romantic side with this video of a very special proposal.

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A couple has proven to the world how a soulmate exists by asking each other for marriage. Dr. Bee Nichols posted their exceptional moment on Twitter. She and her partner were so sure of each other that they proposed at the same time. It was indeed a beautiful coincidence that made the engagement even more remarkable. The couple loves each other so much that gender roles never matter — the important thing is that they have the same goal. In her Twitter post, she tweeted two photos with the caption, "I don't know much about soulmates, but we had the same idea and wore matching hats." Due to the lovely proposal, Dr. Bee Nichols received 4,079 retweets and 124k likes.

Along with the tweet is a thread of replies where she explained the whole story. She also mentioned the stranger who captured the beautiful moment. To make their relationship even more magical, Dr. Bee Nichols shared how everything about them is connected. She tweeted, "Wait til you find out we went to primary school together and had running club together, only to meet as adults when we started running together during lockdown." The universe has made way for them to meet — their roads were already paved so they could end up together. It's majestic how everything works out in a way people least expect. For this reason, the couple was showered with congratulations and comments about how perfect they are for each other.

"Congratulations! That is genuinely the most adorable engagement story I have ever seen," Anxious plant commented. Some also noticed that the couple was wearing matching hats and similar nail polish colors. Everything about their proposal is so adorable, and you can actually feel the happiness in their pictures! They say such proposals can only happen on film and television, but the couple had their own Monica and Chandler moment. They both knew the exact time; everything was perfect and effortless — all they needed was that yes. And since the couple went viral, people were curious about what happened before the proposal. Dr. Bee Nichols shared the story on TikTok and Instagram, which you can watch below.

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