Coyote Grabs Dog By The Neck, Owner Runs Inside To Get Her ‘Secret Weapon’

Coyote Grabs Dog By The Neck, Owner Runs Inside To Get Her ‘Secret Weapon’

Kerri and Larry Ruiz let their Chihuahua, Chico, outside to use the bathroom in the backyard of their Chatsworth, California home. It was just like any other night, until they heard shrieking coming from outside.

Larry ran outside and realized that a coyote had managed to jump their fence and grab ahold of their beloved Chico. He yelled out while Kerri ran outside to see what was the matter.

"A coyote, it took Chico!" Larry exclaimed, while the couple frantically ran around the yard trying to locate the pup.

Without hesitation, Kerri ran inside and grabbed a secret weapon: her handy dandy air horn! She pressed it several times until the coyote dropped Chico and ran off frightened.

The couple says they have several airhorns in their home in case of an emergency like this. In this case, the airhorn and Kerri's quick thinking is what saved their fur baby's life.

Sadly, Chico suffered a broken rib from the horrifying incident, but he is lucky to be alive. Today, he is fully healed and back to his normal, happy self.

The Ruiz' said they will never leave Chico in their yard unattended ever again.

The whole thing was caught on the couple's home surveillance video, which is posted below. In the video, you can see a scared Chico running across the yard while the coyote follows closely behind. Eventually he grabs Chico by the neck and starts to make an escape with the terrified pup still in his jaws, but the Ruiz' came outside just in time to scare him off.

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