Watch The Adorable Moment A Pet Crab Chows Down On An Onion Ring

Watch The Adorable Moment A Pet Crab Chows Down On An Onion Ring

Growing up by the ocean, I've seen my fair share of crabs. From tiny little to sand crabs to large ocean crabs, there's something special about the crustacean that often goes underappreciated.

While I've had the chance to interact with crabs a lot thanks to my proximity to them, I've never actually seen a crab eat before - until now.

The YouTube channel Heavy Crab happens to be run by a pet crab owner and they're more than happy to show off the various foods the pet eats.

According to American Oceans, crabs aren't that picky when it comes to diet. They love meat, but generally scavenge and eat whatever is available.

In the wild, a crab's diet might consist of small fish or a variety of dead fish, in captivity, it can really vary quite drastically. Apparently, domesticated crabs can enjoy a wide range of foods, including onion rings.

In a video shared by Heavy Crab, you can see the pet being offered an onion ring and watch as she adorable eats it.

It's the kind of video you never knew you needed to watch until you see it for yourself. If you've ever wanted to see a crab eat an onion ring, here's your chance!

You can check out the video for yourself below:

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