A Crow Takes Delight in Receiving Good Feather Brushes From a Human

A Crow Takes Delight in Receiving Good Feather Brushes From a Human

Like humans, animals lead their daily lives with a routine of the things they love. Even when those creatures are in the wild, they have time to lounge, a moment to have fun, and a time to fulfill responsibilities. Interestingly, animals also have their favorite part of the day, sometimes involving a person. Dogs are excited about daily walks and playing with their human best friends. Whereas some pets, like cats, prefer quiet alone time and cuddling with human parents. Even with the language barrier, they’ll tell you whether they love the activity or not.

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Sometimes they would take the initiative, like opening the door themselves or bringing the toy to you. A dog will even lie on its back, which signifies it’s time for belly rubs. You’ll see how happy they can be when they get those tickles. Fascinatingly, when you stop, they can physically express when they still haven’t had enough belly rubs yet. The dog would either nudge you or tap your hand with their paw. Once they got your attention again, they’d expose their belly to receive love. This crow sort of acts like a dog as well. It’s not about belly scratches but involves good feather brushing.

PewPewAnimeGirl posted a clip of a crow on Reddit with the caption, "Did I say you can stop??" The 23-second clip was so hilarious and adorable at the same time that it accumulated 12.4k upvotes. It was a sweet moment between a human and a crow as its feathers received relaxing brushes. Crows have always been deemed as scary creatures and signs of bad omen. But who would’ve thought some of them could act cute and have a feather care routine? To make the video more delightful, the crow seemed disappointed when the human placed down the brush. The bird flew to the object, took it with its beak, and handed the brush to the human. Feathers still need some brushing and love — it seems like the crow also wanted more time with its best bud.

“I'm convinced that most animals love to be petted, cuddled, massaged, etc. I've seen all sorts of mammals, birds, and even some reptiles just melt when scratched under their chin or petted. So cute!” DudeSunflower commented. Indeed, animals react well to care and affection from humans, especially when they don’t feel threatened. Even those labeled terrifying are great suckers for sweet and soft gestures. Pinkgabezo wrote, “Very smart crow. It seems to love being brushed. Who knew crows would like that? Not me, but I do now.” Many people were surprised by such behavior, which is why the Reddit post is worth sharing. Make someone smile and be amazed by the brush-loving crow today!

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