Sweet Dachshund Puppy Reunites With Mom After Months Away

Sweet Dachshund Puppy Reunites With Mom After Months Away

Whether it's a short trip or an extended venture away, leaving our pets can be bittersweet. We may feel a sense of guilt or worry about their well-being and miss their comforting presence in our daily lives.

However, getting to reunite with them at the end of it all makes it so worth it! One woman recently discovered this after moving countries and being separated from her pup for months.

Reddit user u/FrankelGalileo shared in a post to the subreddit r/aww, explaining that she was moving the U.S. from abroad and was separated from her dog in the process.

"I was moving countries. [The puppy] had moved with my Husband to the US earlier than I could so she could acclimatise before the harsh Texas heat kicked in," she explained.

The puppy left for Texas when she was just 8 months old and spent two long months away from her mama. However, the time finally came for them to be reunited and it was so sweet!

The woman shared a video of their airport reunion on Reddit and people can't get enough of it. At first, the 10-month-old puppy seems totally unsure of this strange woman approaching her.

After a few minutes, though, she seems to remember who she is and she gets filled with excitement!

Check out the adorable reunion below:

Reunited after 2 months…took her a minute to remember me.
by u/FrankelGalileo in aww

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