Dad Loses Nearly 80 Pounds So He Can Donate Organ To Teenage Son

Dad Loses Nearly 80 Pounds So He Can Donate Organ To Teenage Son

Most parents would do anything for their kids. They'd give life or limb to protect their children, and that's exactly what one dad from the indigenous land of Arviat, Nunavut did.

Daniel Kablutsiak was devastated when his 16-year-old son, Hunter, was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease back in 2020.

According to CBC, Hunter was doing ok given his condition, but his energy levels weren't where they should be and he was taking 10 pills a day just to survive.

Hunter was eligible for a kidney transplant but there was one problem: He needed a matching donor willing to offer up a kidney. Kidney donor waitlists can be long and only a lucky few get selected with a match and get to move forward with the procedure.

Knowing someone personally whose willing to donate an organ is a great way to move that process along and as it turns out, Daniel was a match to be a donor for Hunter. There was just one problem and that was Daniel's weight.

In order to donate a kidney, Daniel needed to be under 200 pounds. With his current weight being 274 pounds, that would be quite an undertaking.

While some people might consider the situation a loss, Daniel resolved to change his lifestyle completely and lose the weight necessary to become a donor. CBC reports that he focused on two things: diet and exercise.

He cut back on sugar consumption and started walking miles every day. "I was determined. I really love him, and I put my mind into it — 'I'm going to do it,' and I went at it," he said, according to the outlet.

It took around 13 months, but Daniel finally reached his goal weight of under 200 pounds.

Daniel was officially accepted as a donor for Hunter and the transplant is scheduled for June. How amazing is that?

A parent's love knows no bounds.

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