Doggy Daycare May Be the Answer for Dogs with Separation Anxiety

Doggy Daycare May Be the Answer for Dogs with Separation Anxiety


So, your fur baby got used to you being around all day and is missing you now that you're only working remotely part of the week or you're back to the office/job site full time. That's understandable. In fact, dogs that live in households with children can become depressed and even restive when summer break is over once the kids head back to school.

This can lead to destructive behavior or incessant whining/howling that can drive your neighbors — or anyone within earshot — batty. It's known as separation anxiety.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, separation anxiety describes dogs that usually are overly attached or dependent on family members. They become extremely anxious and show distress behaviors such as vocalization, destruction, or house soiling when separated from their humans. They often begin to display anxiety as soon as their people prepare to leave.

If this describes your pet and you're over your neighbors' glares and complaints, or you're at risk of being evicted due to the noise and damage, you might want to consider bringing them to a doggy daycare. This is, of course, dependent on where you live and your budget. But there are some top-notch facilities available to pet owners now, and it might be worth doing some price shopping for your area.


With dozens of U.S. locations to choose from, there's Dogtopia, offering dog care, boarding, grooming, and spa amenities. Similar to a child’s daycare, they offer recurring daycare for your dog, providing safe socialization, education, and exercise. Their website notes: "We firmly believe that every dog deserves daycare! We will provide progress reports through report cards and conversations with you as a caring pet parent. Besides providing a safe environment for your pup, Dogtopia is known for treating your pup to their Most Exciting Day Ever!"

Camp Bow Wow

Getting its start in Colorado back in 2000, Camp Bow Wow now has locations across the country. In August 2014, Camp Bow Wow was acquired by VCA Inc., a leading animal healthcare company with over 1,000 veterinary hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. Bow Wow's website claims that "Today, Camp Bow Wow is the largest doggy day care and overnight boarding franchise across North America," going on to add that they've set up Camp in over 210 locations already "and see no end in sight!"

Biscuits and Bath

If you live in New York, Biscuits and Bath offers 11 daycare locations with off-leash exercise and socialization that includes trainer supervised play divided by size and temperament. When your dog joins, he or she will be given a complimentary New Dog Integration and Behavior Evaluation to help fit your precious pup into the right group during the day. This is just one of many options according to Great Pet Care, which covered eight different service providers in NYC and the surrounding areas.


For personalized daycare services you can always go with a service like, which offers doggy daycare, dog walking, drop-in visits, housesitting, and boarding where your pets stay overnight in your sitter’s home. All sitters have to pass a background check as well as provide a detailed profile and personal information. While your pooch is in their care, they will send you periodic updates and pictures at your request. There's also Wag, Ruff Walkers, and Bark, just to name a few.

Dog Behavioralists

If none of this sounds like something you'd wish to pursue but you'd still like to quell the problem, consider speaking with a dog behavioralist or trainer to work on the issue, because it's not going to magically go away on its own.

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