Deaf Rescue Pitbull Loves Life In His New Home

Deaf Rescue Pitbull Loves Life In His New Home

A deaf rescue pitbull named Buddy found the perfect family to go home with and now, he's living his best life.

According to GeoBeats Animals, Buddy was brought into a rescue in Germany and it wasn't long before the staff realized he was deaf. They believe Buddy was bred by a puppy mill or backyard breeder and because he couldn't hear, he wasn't worth selling.

A woman named Jennifer ended up seeing a video of Buddy and quickly fell in love. She wasn't planning to adopt another dog, but she couldn't pass him up.

Within two weeks, Buddy was officially part of Jennifer's family.

Because Buddy is deaf, he doesn't bark like a hearing dog might. His barks sound extremely unique and more like squeals or whines! Jennifer had to endure a lot of Buddy's whining and barking at first, but the dog slowly adjusted to life in his new home and now, he couldn't be happier.

Since welcoming Buddy home two years ago, Jennifer has noticed how much his senses have heightened. He uses his eyesight and other senses to navigate the house and compensate for his lack of hearing.

Buddy doesn't let his lack of hearing slow him down one bit.

You can see more of his story for yourself in the video below, courtesy of GeoBeats Animals:

You can keep up with Buddy and his family on Instagram, @marvelouslittlezoo.

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