Deer Finds A Snowman And Decides To Munch On His Carrot Nose

Deer Finds A Snowman And Decides To Munch On His Carrot Nose

Life can be difficult when you are a wild deer living outdoors in the middle of winter. Every day is a struggle for survival, but sometimes you also get an unexpected surprise.

That is what one deer experienced when she came across a snowman. We can only imagine the scene the day earlier when the snowman was being built by some children smiling and laughing the entire time.

Now that the snowman was a reality, the deer found it to be a most curious sight. It wasn't just the fact that there was an unusual thing growing out of the snow. It was what was used in the construction of the snowman that really caught her attention.

Most people who make a snowman will use some coal for the eyes and a carrot for the nose. Whoever built this snowman took things a step further by using smaller carrots to make hair for the snowman.

As shared by The Dodo, the deer was a little hesitant about going up and checking things out closely at first. It didn't take long, however, for her to become curious enough that she walked right up and checked it out.

That is when the deer smelled something delicious. It was his nose, and it wasn't long before the snowman lost it. The deer, on the other hand, was busy chewing away.

After making sure that there wasn't anyone nearby, the deer then started to graze on the carrots making the snowman's hair. She didn't feel any remorse as she dismantled the snowman and took advantage of everything edible.

After eating most of the carrots, she knocked the head off of the snowman. It was a move intended to make the carrots easier to access but the other deer didn't like the commotion. They quickly took off.

The one deer, however, stuck around to eat the last of the carrots before disappearing into the sunset.

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