Playful Deer Goes Puddle Jumping With The Family That Feeds Him

Playful Deer Goes Puddle Jumping With The Family That Feeds Him

Puddle jumping is a fun pastime during the rainy winter and spring months, especially for families with kids. Growing up, puddle jumping was always a highlight of the long, rainy days and we'd often bring our dog along to splash and have fun too!

For one family, puddle jumping is something fun they do not just with each other and their dog, but with a wild deer that roams near their house!

The Harris family shared a video of the deer puddle jumping along with the family on TikTok and it's too cute.

In the video, you can see the family lining up in front of the puddle before plunging through it.

The deer jumps and splashes around alongside them as if he's part of the family!

Check out the sweet clip below:

@harrisweldingandfriends Rainy day fun !!! #reaction #adventure #deeroftiktok🦌 #deer #rainyday ♬ original sound - harrisweldingandfriends

Naturally, people want to know why the deer is so relaxed around the family.

As they shared in the comments, he's a wild deer but has warmed up to them since they feed him. He's more like an honorary pet at this point!

The family regularly posts content featuring the deer, who they named Scar, on YouTube. They even show how he gets on with the family dog just great!

Check out some of the videos below:

You can keep up with the Harris family on TikTok or YouTube!

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