Stray Cat Clings To Delivery Driver's Leg So He Takes Her Home Adopts Her

Stray Cat Clings To Delivery Driver's Leg So He Takes Her Home Adopts Her

They say we don't always choose our pets. Sometimes, our pets choose us. Especially when it comes to cats, there's no denying that the animal plays a role in choosing who they love most and who their true "owner" is.

David Treviño found this out the hard way when he was making deliveries for work.

David's mom shared on TikTok that while he was on his delivery route, a cat started to follow him. Eventually, the cat jumped on his leg and refused to let go!

"He called me and said, 'Mom PLEASE - I have to bring this cat home. It keeps following me. It is on me,'" the boy's mom shared.

"I was freaking out. I said, 'No Manches! No!' Then he sent me a video of the cat literally clinging onto him. The cat jumped on him. She stayed on his shoulder while he worked," she said.

Of course, she couldn't really say no to the poor cat, so David ended up bringing the skinny cat home to get the TLC that she deserved.

"I guess we might be cat people after all," she added.

Check out the TikTok video below:

@dretontheborder 🥰 For all who have asked. Here is an Update on the cat that jumped on David and didn't let go of him. It didn't have a collar and it was super skinny and hungry. Thank you for embracing our #catjourney #cat #catrescue #catpeople #dogpeople @davidtrev90 #gato #rgv956 #catsoftiktok #catperson #learning #embracing #pets #firsttimecatowner #rescateanimal ♬ I Think I Like When It Rains - WILLIS

In an update, David's mom shared that he named the cat Venus. They got her seen at the veterinarian to ensure she was in good health and didn't have a microchip.

Venus met the family's dog and seemed to be adjusting to her new life just fine!

David's other family members also met Venus. They were unsure about having a cat around at first, but she won them over.

"You cannot question the Cat Distribution System," one person commented. Maybe there's something to that!

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