Derpy Rescue Dog Begs For Sweet Potatoes In Adorable Viral Video

Derpy Rescue Dog Begs For Sweet Potatoes In Adorable Viral Video

The concept of "ugly-cute" is an interesting one. While it's not a term that people like to apply to themselves, there are certainly instances where being "so ugly it's cute" can be endearing or even desirable. Just take dogs, for example.

Some dogs can be so "ugly" that they're actually cute!

Of course, "ugly-cute" is subjective, and what one person finds charming or attractive might not be the same for another. At the end of the day, it's up to each individual to decide what they like and what quirks they find endearing.

One dog who's winning the hearts of people around the world is a little rescue pup with a derpy tongue and lazy eyes. He may not be everyone's definition of cute, but people are obsessed with him!

TikTok user @petkingdomtiktok shared a video of the dog begging for his favorite food. While some dogs like bits of cheese or salami, this rescue dog loves sweet potato!

The TikTok user said that he adopted the stray dog about a month ago, and apparently, the pup loves sweet potatoes and begs for them whenever possible.

His love for sweet potatoes just adds to his uniqueness and quirkiness.

You can see the video below:

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