Mercilessly Chained for Five Years, Dog Finds Freedom and a Forever Home with His Rescuers

Mercilessly Chained for Five Years, Dog Finds Freedom and a Forever Home with His Rescuers

"Dogs are naturally social beings who need interaction with humans and/or other animals. Intensive confinement or long-term restraint can severely damage their physical and psychological well-being. An otherwise friendly and docile dog, when kept continuously chained or intensively confined in any way, becomes neurotic, unhappy, anxious and often aggressive," according to the website of The Humane Society of the United States.

Chaining or tethering was once a popular habit among dog owners. Chaining means using heavy chains to keep a dog attached to a stationary object so it can be left on its own. On the other hand, tethering means tying a dog with a rope or a light chain for the same purpose.

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However, as studies show the many negative effects of chaining and tethering, more and more people are quitting the practice and striving for responsible pet ownership.

However, in some communities, there are still individuals who chain or tether their dogs for the following reasons:

  • The dog keeps escaping, and owners oftentimes resort to heavy chains because a rope or a light chain proves ineffective.
  • It is an owner's means of protecting their dog from something hazardous beyond his fence, such as other dogs or people.
  • The owner's property may have a damaged fence or no fence at all.
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  • The dog is uncomfortable staying inside the house. The landowner may have also prohibited fence-building.
  • The owner grew up in a household where chaining or tethering a dog is a norm. He may also be lacking in knowledge about the impact of such practice on his pet.

Short-term tethering in fair weather conditions to keep a dog safe and allow it to get some time outdoors in an unfenced yard is not necessarily a problem. It's when a dog lives its life constantly chained or tethered and rarely gets interaction with other creatures that this practice truly becomes problematic.

This couple who was informed by a concerned neighbor about a dog that's been chained and abandoned for at least five years knew how his inhumane condition must have affected the animal.

Consistently chained or tethered dogs are bound to suffer from various physical ailments and neurosis. They are easy targets for insects, parasites, other animals, and even cruel people. They may also withdraw from other creatures, including humans, exhibit deep fear, or manifest extremely aggressive behavior. It's a very sad life for a chained or tethered dog, a life they don't choose but for which they often pay.

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It took a long time before the couple could win the dog's trust, enough for them to find a way to free him from his stubborn, rusty chain. They could see the deep sadness and anxiety in his eyes; he was apparently wondering what was going on and what the couple was trying to do. He had been used to being chained to the fence, with seasons coming and going. What else could be out there for him, even if he got loose? Where would he go?

At last, the couple was able to remove the chain! Now, they coaxed the dog to get into their vehicle for a ride to freedom! The dog's tense body slowly began to relax as he sat with his rescuers inside the car. Without any idea of what lay ahead, he was still able to sense that the people who were now with him were different from those who had abandoned him for life.

At home, the dog -- whom the couple has named Hooch -- grew a bit more comfortable. He was still scared of everything, but he would not react with aggression. Instead, he would retreat under the table or hide where he felt safe.

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For a while, they kept him in their office, but one day he got loose. Fearing he might not be ready to meet their other dogs, the couple was pleasantly surprised that they all turned out to be great friends in such a short time!

They had found two homes that were willing to adopt Hooch. But then they had a change of heart. They felt Hooch belonged to their home, where joy and happiness now overflowed within all of them as one big family.

And so, Hooch has finally found his forever home! The couple likewise realizes that taking this rescue dog into their hearts was among the best things they've done in life!

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