Depressed Dog Overcome With Joy After Finally Reuniting With Military Dad

Depressed Dog Overcome With Joy After Finally Reuniting With Military Dad

Reunion videos are some of the most touching things we see online. There is nothing quite like watching people come together when they haven't seen each other in a long time.

Of course, the same also holds true for reunion videos that involve coming together with a beloved pet. These videos touch our hearts, because we know just how much our dogs love us.

Although reunion videos may happen with anyone, they often involve military personnel. They spend time away from home and sometimes, they aren't home for months or even years.

As grown adults, we know they will most likely be back home again but children and dogs don't have that reasoning ability. When they are separated from their humans, it can depress the animal and they may stay depressed for a long time.

Eventually, the dog learns how to deal with the situation and they may even move on to lead a normal life. This makes many people wonder if the dog still remembers them after years of being apart.

In a video shared by a dog mom named Courtney, her partner, Brock, was only away for 32 days. Then again, in dog time, that was almost an eternity.

Courtney shared on Instagram that she was anxious to see how her dog, Rebel Mae, would react when her human finally showed up again. Brock and Courtney were Rebel's third home, so they worried she would feel abandoned.

Thankfully, they didn't have to wait long, because when Brock came around the corner, the dog ran from the front porch and right into his arms.

The dog has so much energy, it's difficult to slow her down enough so he could give her a hug. In any case, however, it's one reunion you will not want to miss. Check out the sweet video below:

To keep up with Rebel Mae, @ablondeandabelgian.

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