Dog Groomer Turns Ordinary Family Pets Into Stunning Wildlife on TikTok

Dog Groomer Turns Ordinary Family Pets Into Stunning Wildlife on TikTok


A 30-year-old professional dog groomer by the name of Gabriel Feitosa is going viral for his stunning recreations of wild animals using family pets. Over the last few years, Feitosa has been garnering millions of views on TikTok for his incredible transformations that go well beyond the usual shampoo and cut that is usually associated with dog grooming. Instead, he uses OPAWZ — a non-toxic and vegan dye created for use with dogs — to bring about the changes.

Dog Grooming

His TikTok platform @gabrielfeitosagrooming is full of mind boggling transformations that include pandas, leopards, zebras, giraffes, tigers, red foxes, and so many other exotic creatures, and they're all as a result of the vibrantly-colored vegetable dyes he uses. The reactions of the pet parents waiting for their furballs to emerge from his creative lair are almost as priceless as the creations themselves.

Living the Dream

Gabriel explained to BuzzFeed that he was drawn to the career after bringing his sister's dog to a groomer as a child. "I was 12 years [old] when I took my sister's dog to the grooming shop in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, a city on the outskirts of São Paulo, Brazil. I remember thinking that it was fascinating, what the groomer did for a living, [and] that she got paid to spend the days around puppies."

"I eventually asked her to teach me to bathe and dry my sister's dog. It became an after-school job that I enjoyed and needed since I come from a very humble background and my family didn't have much.

"I was drawn to spending a lot of time around puppies, of course, but also to the immense variety of looks and techniques out there to groom dogs. They look like living sculptures, and it's tough to learn how to groom every breed well. I guess the never-ending challenge of learning something new keeps me motivated."

We're glad he took to it like a duck to water and hope he continues in his chosen field for years to come. Check out one of his videos below before visiting his page.

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