Pet Parent and Dog Bonded Over an Interesting Game of Jenga

Pet Parent and Dog Bonded Over an Interesting Game of Jenga

Sharing a bond with a dog is certainly life-changing and gives you genuine happiness. You’ll learn a lot by spending time with them. As a pet parent, you’ll learn to be more responsible, patient, understanding, and emotionally mature. Dogs will also surprise you with their abilities and intelligence. Spending time with your pup will help you get to know them better. You’ll see how smart they really are as you engage them in different activities with you. Surprisingly, you can teach them other tricks apart from telling them to sit, stay, roll, and stand. Several pet parents teach their dogs skills such as surfing, agility, scuba diving, and more. They’ll definitely be your official buddy everywhere — life’s more fun with your dog around.

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You can expect fast learners with dog breeds such as Australian Shepherds. There are many videos showing how highly intelligent they are. Aussies can be easily trained, especially because they love to be praised by their fur parents. Moreover, they enjoy mentally stimulating activities — they're a dog that takes an interest in challenges. A viral Instagram video proves an Aussie’s love for stimulating games as she and her fur mom play Jenga. The dog, named Secret, seems to be aware of Jenga’s rules. While watching the video, you’ll be confused if it was on pause or if your internet was slow. Turns out it was just Secret concentrating so she won’t lose the game.

Although they were competitors, her human mom would encourage her and celebrate whenever Secret’s move was successful. Apparently, she taught her Jenga because Secret loves precision games. Since Secret showed impeccable precision and concentration, the video earned millions of views. Netizens were extremely impressed with the dog’s ability and couldn’t help but express their admiration in the comment section. “I never watched a video with this much attention,” floralias77 commented.

Sadly, Secret passed away last year due to a complicated disease. The dog has left a wonderful mark on her family’s heart and on all the followers that loved her presence on their timelines. She’s somewhere peaceful right now and hopefully still gets to play Jenga, too. Their Instagram page is still full of her memories, and you can see how well-loved she was. You can watch more of her videos and get to know Promise — another smart Australian Shepherd you’ll surely adore.

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