Stray Dog With A Leg Injury Finally Gets The Life He Deserves

Stray Dog With A Leg Injury Finally Gets The Life He Deserves

Life for a stray dog on the streets is tough. But, it's an unfortunate reality that many pups face. For a dog in Greece, help seemed so far away. He was suffering from a leg injury, but he was terrified of people.

Thankfully, rescuers with DAR Animal Rescue in Greece heard about the stray dog suffering from the injury and stepped up to help.

 width= Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

Ermioni and her team drove out to where the dog was located and managed to trap him. He was too afraid to let them approach at first, but they managed to get him into a crate so they could drive him to a veterinarian for help.

Rescuers with DAR wrote on YouTube: "We don't know how he got injured, we are only sure that he was struggling to survive, helpless, on the streets with a really nasty injury. He was in pain, unable to run if he needed, and he needed to search for food and water to survive. He broke our heart."

 width= Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

Once at the veterinarian, the dog was able to get the help he so needed. His wound was cleaned and stitched up. The vet changed out his bandages regularly to promote healing and keep things clean.

Eventually, he was able to go to a foster home where he could learn how live the life a dog should.

 width= Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

He learned how to be an inside-outside dog and enjoy the comforts of human companionship, a fenced yard, and regular meals.

DAR said, "Today he is healthy, neutered, safe, happy and adopted."

 width= Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

We're so happy for him!

Check out the video below:

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