Curious Dog Reacts To Seeing Kittens For The Very First Time

Curious Dog Reacts To Seeing Kittens For The Very First Time

The relationship that can form between dogs and cats is really something special. They may be stereotypical enemies, but anyone who has both a dog and a cat that live together can tell you that they're sometimes the best of friends.

One small Maltese-looking pooch happened to be BFFs with the family cat. Their close relationship continued, even up until the cat gave birth to a litter of kittens!

Their owner shared on YouTube that the dog and cat are inseparable.

She said: "I tell my dog always that the cat is his sister and they are like brother [sic] & sister! They can not live without each other."

The two constantly play together and spend time together, just like family.

You can watch them in action in the video below:

Of course, being friends with a cat is one thing. Adding kittens to the mix is a whole other ballgame.

When the cat got pregnant and gave birth to some kittens, the dog had a chance to meet the kittens and it was too cute!

Their owner shared the dog's reaction to meeting the kittens on YouTube, noting that it was his very first time meeting kittens. He was very curious, but gentle as well.

You can watch the sweet video by clicking here.

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