Timid Dog Reacts To Seeing His The Man Who Saved Him After A Year Apart

Timid Dog Reacts To Seeing His The Man Who Saved Him After A Year Apart

Henry regularly travels around with his fiancé and their dog, and they're used to the surprises and challenges that come with life on the road. Recently, however, they were stunned by what they saw in a muddy field: a dog on the brink of death.

Henry was in Mexico when he spotted the dog, Dennis, and realized that he needed help and fast. According to The Dodo, Dennis was unable to walk on his own after likely being beat by a farmer.

Henry rushed Dennis to the veterinarian where the dog received love and kindness for the first time in his life.

Thankfully, the veterinarian said Dennis would be able to walk again with a lot of rest and care. Henry volunteered with work with the dog until he was ready for a foster home, and they developed quite a bond over that time.

Eventually, Dennis was ready for a more permanent foster home and he found an amazing woman to take him in. As The Dodo shared, Dennis' foster mom recognized how reactive he was. He would growl and snap at strangers, which makes sense given his rough past.

She didn't have the heart to see him leave so she ended up beign a foster fail and welcomed Dennis into her life for good. Months passed, and eventually, she reconnected with Henry.

Henry hadn't seen Dennis for an entire year, but he wanted to visit the dog and see if he'd remember him. The Dennis' owner was a bit nervous due to the dog's temperament with strangers, but she gladly agreed to meet up.

Amazingly, Dennis did remember Henry!

The dog eagerly sprinted toward Henry and greeted him with so much enthusiasm. It's safe to say that even after a year apart, Dennis remembered all the good that Henry had done for him.

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