Puppy Finds Happiness After Being Dumped At A Shelter In A Cardboard Box

Puppy Finds Happiness After Being Dumped At A Shelter In A Cardboard Box

Life isn't always easy when you are a puppy. It should be, but not everybody cares for puppies in the same way.

Many people who work for animal shelters and rescues realize that puppies need help on occasion. This was seen recently at the Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia.

The rescue shared on YouTube that surveillance cameras caught a man running up to the shelter with a headlamp on his head. It was after hours, and he dropped a box on the ground and ran away.

They didn't know that it happened until they saw the box in the morning and put things together after viewing the surveillance tape. The puppy had to stay all night in the cardboard box and he never moved.

The shelter's owner, Milan, went outside to get the puppy. The dog was frightened, but happy to see a human.

Unfortunately, Milan spoke about how people abandon puppies everywhere in Serbia. They are thankful that this puppy's owner decided to drop him in an area where he could survive.

All too often, they are called to a remote location to save a puppy and it is too late.

That puppy is now living a better life. They named him Meda and he has a playful personality. You'll also be happy to know that Meda has found a forever family and is living the good life.

Check out the video below:

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