Dog Finally Goes Home After Being Returned To The Shelter 14 Times

Dog Finally Goes Home After Being Returned To The Shelter 14 Times

13 is often considered an unlucky number, but for one pooch, it went a little further. After all, Ronald was returned to the SPCA of Wake County 14 times before finding a forever home.

Ronald is a rather large dog with a lot of energy, which is likely why he was returned so many times to the shelter. Adopters would take him home but they would quickly find out that he was too much for their family.

That didn't stop the SPCA from doing their best to find Ronald a forever home. They even went on social media to find the perfect family.

Their Facebook post asked for help to break Ronald's unlucky streak. It said that from early January: "14 adoptions have fallen through for this lovely guy - mostly due to being too big/strong."

They did admit that he was a "big boy," but he does know his commands and eats gently. They also referred to him as "100% sweet" and a very good boy.

In giving a reason why he may have been returned so many times to the shelter, they said that he gets excited and may stand up on his hind paws. He also might bark if you sass him, but most people would not have a problem with Ronald.

They also say that he loved doing tricks and he enjoyed eating treats. If you are somebody who wants to train a dog, he would be the perfect companion.

After the plea went viral, Kiersten Davis stepped up to the plate. According to ABC News, she knew she could provide Ronald with everything he needed and had a family that would care for him. Even though the post had been shared thousands of times, she was the only applicant.

After being told she was the first on the list, she drove out and got Ronald immediately. She couldn't wait for Ronald to meet her children and her other rescue pup, an Australian Shepherd.

According to Yahoo!, Kiersten even spoke to the Washington Post saying that everything was good at her house. She said: "He really just fits in perfectly."

These days, he is no longer on a test run, but he is a permanent part of the family. You can see more in the video below:

The SPCA said:

"Thank you all so very much for sharing Ronald's story. We were overwhelmed by your words of encouragement and generous offers to help him. In the first day, the wide reach of your shares helped Ronald reach almost a million people."

The shelter is also encouraging people to find a dog by coming to their shelter. They have plenty that would be the perfect fit for any family.

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