This Dog has the Saddest Face but a Goofy Personality

This Dog has the Saddest Face but a Goofy Personality

People often question if animals do really feel emotions. There are countless times when animals have expressed the answer to that question. They do feel emotions, and studies have even proven it. Animals get happy when they feel appreciated and loved. When you spend time with an animal at home, you'll definitely see how they express those emotions.

Have you seen the saddest dog? He'll definitely tell you when he's unhappy with his whole face.

 width= Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

You'll know when Moose is sad and hurt. He doesn't just whimper — the Labrador also pouts. His pet parent, Melissa Barth, shared his story on a Youtube channel called GeoBeats Animals. In the video, Melissa explained that it is unknown how Moose learned to make the saddest face, and he just does it as humans do — it is indeed a wonder.

Moose was adopted by Melissa through a college friend of hers. Since then, Moose has become a significant part of their lives.

“He is just crazy goofy,” says Melissa. “He is obsessed with taking things that he shouldn’t be taking. Leave your wallet on the counter, he’s gonna find it.” Melissa shared. Although Moose has the saddest face when he is hurt, he is still the fun, playful, and mischievous dog of the family. Moose is well-loved in the family, and he is affectionate as well. He loves sitting on the couch with his loved ones — Moose even goes out with them on adventures.

 width= Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

The Labrador has a lot of love to share with those around him. He quickly notices when someone feels sad. "He is also very in tune with the fact that if we're out having fun, he's out having fun. Or if we're having a bad day, he recognizes that," Melissa explained. "There was one night I couldn't sleep. I sat down on the floor. I was just mentally done. He went and picked out one of his stuffed animals that we got him when he first came home. He brought it, set it on my lap and he kinda like nudged it with his nose. And I was like, oh, now I'm gonna cry more, you know," Melissa continued. Moose was willing to share his toy with Melissa, hoping it might cheer her up, too. That is one heartwarming gesture that will make you tear up more. Moose is indeed a good boy.

 width= Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

He also knows when his human dad will come home — it's like an internal clock that dogs amazingly have.

The warmest and sweetest dog can also get sad, mainly when his humans aren't around. Moose looks sad when his parents go out for groceries or an appointment, and he even goes to a corner to pout — that's sad and adorable at the same time.

“I think he knows exactly what to do to kind of get that reaction that he wants out of us. And it works every time, because how can you say no to a little puppy, who’s literally sticking his lip out,” says Melissa. Dogs really know the trick to melting their humans' hearts. As a dog parent, you’ll definitely get torn between scolding them for something or cuddling them when they show the cutest sad face.

Melissa has shared Moose's photos on Instagram, and you shouldn’t hesitate to follow him. Have your daily dose of fluff, especially on days when you need something to uplift your mood. Watch Melissa’s full interview on GeoBeats Animals by clicking the video below.

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