Loyal Dog Saves Toddler From Deadly Copperhead Snake

Loyal Dog Saves Toddler From Deadly Copperhead Snake

We live in a world that can, at times, be dangerous. This is especially true for children who have a natural curiosity but are lacking life experience.

Fortunately, for one curious little boy named Bryson, a good friend was there to save him. It was the family dog, Shiloh, and it happened very quickly.

According to CBS Sacramento, the Holloways were having a relaxing day at their home in Tennessee. The parents were sitting on the porch, watching Bryson play in the yard.

They noticed that Shiloh was acting alert at the time, but they didn't give it much thought. They had taught the dog how to protect the family and probably thought he was just being protective.

Suddenly, however, Shiloh jumped up from his seat and ran after Bryson. He lunged at the baby, landing near the baby's feet, and then jerked backward.

At first, they were afraid that Shiloh was attacking the baby but they soon learned just how loyal a dog can be.

When they looked closely, they saw Shiloh standing there with a copperhead snake at his feet. If it wouldn't have been for his quick action, the baby could have been in serious trouble.

According to the Smithsonian Magazine, copperheads are a venomous snakes and they bite more people than any other snake in the US. They are found in the wild as well as in people's backyards because they can adapt to almost any area.

Since copperheads often are found in people's backyards, it's not uncommon for humans to see them up close and personal.

The good news is that a copperhead's venom is not as potent as the venom of other snakes. Even so, for 18-month-old Bryson, it would've been a threat, to say the least.

Shiloh was able to get the copperhead away from Bryson, but they weren't out of the woods yet. According to CBS Sacramento, Brian Holloway said Shiloh turned his head to the side and started shaking. They knew he was hurt.

They then noticed that Shiloh had some swelling around his neck. The family dog needed help, so they rushed him to the vet.

The vet was able to give Shiloh antibiotics and pain medication and it wasn't long before he was back on his feet again. The family has always loved Shiloh, but now they saw him in action and knew just what he meant to the family.

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