Animal Care Officer Rescues Dog Tied To Railroad Tracks Just Before A Train Comes

Animal Care Officer Rescues Dog Tied To Railroad Tracks Just Before A Train Comes

It's hard to fathom doing anything intentionally cruel to an animal, but there are so many dogs that face neglectful and abusive owners.

One poor labrador mix found himself in a dire situation when he was tied to an active railroad track and left to die.

The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services shared about the situation on Facebook.

In the post, they explained that Animal Care Officer Edwards received a call about a dog tied to an active railroad track. The poor pup was unable to free himself, and Edwards knew he had no time to waste.

After arriving at the area where the dog was reportedly sighted, Edwards spotted the pup, now named Lucky, lying on the tracks.

The post said, "As he approached, Officer Edwards noticed the leash tied to Lucky's neck was secured to the tracks with a nail, tightening more and more as he pulled away."

The poor pup was scared and wasn't ready to trust anyone. Edwards acted quickly and used a device called a humane catch pole to get closer to Lucky and eventually secure her.

According to the post, Edwards could hear a train approaching in the distance and knew he didn't have time to spare. "Hearing a train in the distance, Officer Edwards moved quickly and safely; helping Lucky off the tracks. Before they could make it back to the animal transport vehicle, a train zoomed past!" the post read.

While the post did indicate that Lucky may've become trapped on the nail walking past, it seems more likely that someone intentionally secured him there.

The dog was given a few days to compress, but within less than a week, he was on his way to a forever home!

The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services shared in an update saying that they received a lot of interest in Lucky from potential adopters! /in the end, a man named Mr. C ended up being the right fit.

They said, "Lucky now goes by 'Duke' and seems to be adjusting to home life well! Thank you, C Family, for giving Lucky a happily ever after to his tragic beginning!"

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